Hair Duo Dream Team -

Oribe Dry Texturising Spray + Ouai Wave Spray

Hair Duo Dream Team -

It’s taken me a long time to cave in and spend money on my hair. A bit of a strange statement I know but hear me out. My hair is healthy, a bit of an in-between colour and there’s a lot of it so it’s incredibly heavy. I just can be bothered.

It’s a bit of nightmare to work with and so just ignored it and tried over the years to get cuts that would mean I had to do as little as possible too it. But I’ve always craved the volume, bounce and prettiness of hair that had been faffed with.

Slowly but surely I’ve started treating my hair like I treat my skin (that’s with a bit more respect). I buy it nice things like hair masks and good conditioners and heat protectant and this has somehow finally lead me to styling products and taking the plunge and buying the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray, which at £40 I expect miracles from.

Hair Duo Dream Team -
A tiny voice in the back of my head did whisper ‘it’s going to be like all the rest, a big waste of money…. don’t botherrrr’ as I was handing over my credit card. But, well HA to the inner voice, without the need of mousse, blow dries and wholehearted hour-long dedication of prep, this dry texturising spray actually does what it does on the tin, it give volume at the roots while taking away excess oil and it give my hair a non-sticky but slightly tousled look.

I stick to spraying in the roots, focussing on the crown of my head it gives volume to my heavy hair where there’s never been any before without those horrendously sticky powders like Got2b Powder’ful Powder, which I’ll use but not happily.

The Oribe spray almost doesn’t leave a trace and I think that’s why I’m so drawn to it, my hair is still free to move around and look natural, no longer is it stuck in place.

Now alongside having Oribe spritzed in at the roots, I’ve been pairing with my Ouai Wave Spray which I’ve had around much longer but love a whole new level now it’s paired with the texturizing spray. If I remember it goes in when my hair is damp, liberally spritzed through the mid-section and ends of my hair. Or it goes on after I’ve curled my hair, where I spritz and then scrunch into my curls to give more texture and loosen up the curls. A little more stickier and works along the same lines as a texturizing spray but works on piecing out the hair a lot more and defining waves and curls.

I have bouncy natural looking waves with roots that have volume, that I’ve never managed to achieve before and to top it all off it lasts all day.

Dream. Team.