I’ve got to a point now where I have my skin taken care of predominantly by Chanel.  I don’t know how I got here, well I do. The Chanel beauty counter calls to me.  There are other products in my routine that I slot in. But over the years and at the moment especially I find myself going back to Chanel. It hydrates my skin and keeps it so clear and luminous that I always come crawling back for more. That and the distinct smell that runs across all the skincare, a fruity, soft scent that triggers memories of living in Paris while modelling.


I have two products from the hydra range which are perfect for dry winter skin that I use every day. The Hydra range is centered around camellia plant extract which is there to aid hydration and also help maintain ideal moisture levels in the skin.

To begin with, always starting with a  cleansed face. I apply one pump of the Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum, it’s a watery texture that sinks in instantly. You can feel the difference straight away, the skin feels so smooth. Both the serum and the moisturiser, which I’ll get onto in a minute are aimed towards extremely dry skin. Which I get in winter and I always try and make sure that come September all my skin care is primarily working towards hydrating my face. The serum has micro droplets that you can see suspended in the bottle, they remain intact until they come into contact with the skin. This helps pump more moisture into the skin on each use and has a longer lasting effect. This is the newest edition to my routine and so far I’m seeing nothing but benefits.

I follow this up with the Chanel Hydra Beauty Nutrition Moisturiser. This is a thick heavy cream, aimed at the most dehydrated and dry skins. It’s in a pot so you have to be careful with how much you scoop out. I tend to go for a pea sized amount, you don’t need much. I use this morning and night, which I think for a lot of people it might be too heavy. It has clogged up my skin a few times when I’ve over applied but  when this happens I tend to reduce my usage down to evenings only. It reminds me so much of the Embryolisse Lait Creme Moisturiser, a much more affordable alternative. The Nutrition Moisturiser has to be my favourite heavy duty moisturiser that I’ve ever owned. I don’t have any signs of dry skin this winter, and even though it’s a heavy moisturiser I can still apply makeup over the top in the morning. If I’m having a particularly dry day in the evening I apply a thicker layer and use it like an overnight mask.

I’ve had Le Weekend De Chanel for such a long time and it’s only been over the past few months that I’ve religiously stuck to using it twice a week. It’s a glycolic acid that comes out a light cream that helps exfoliate and brightens your skin. I always get compliments from makeup artists at work when’s I’m using this as part of a regular routine. It has taken me a while to get into acid exfoliation and with Chanel, the concept of using on the weekend is an easy way to remember.



Going into Bravissimo for the first time is eye-opening. The staff are on hand to offer an informative and friendly bra fitting. You are assigned a fitting consultant and the next twenty minutes of your life youll have realised that youve probably been wearing bras all wrong. And then realise that not a single one of your bras fit properly. It’s interesting and an experience I should have tried out sooner.

I went in to get fitted for a modelling job, but while I was in there I ended up trying on way too many bras and came out with a sports bra that makes sure nothing moves. Nothing! Which is perfect for a crazy spinning addict like myself.


This is in no way a sponsored post, I was incredibly happy with my experience and simply wanted to share. Bravissimo is a UK brand that caters to D cups and above. And throughout the month of January, they have £5 off every sports bra purchase.

Sports Bra – Panache at Bravissimo | Leggings – Nike

Being back in Milan for the beginning of the year means among other things, being in close proximity to Sephora stores. So a mini beauty haul happened. Obviously.

I firstly picked up the Makeup Forever Step 1 Hydrating Primer. Ive wanted to try this for a while and I’m so glad I caved. For the past few weeks it’s replaced all my other everyday primers. I use this when I know I’ve a long day ahead and want my makeup to stay in place. It hydrates the skin enough to even the skin out, making the application of foundation easy and longer lasting. It also makes sure dry patches don’t occur a few hours later, which is a dry skin problem that I’m always up against. This is the best primer I’ve found in a long time, my skin is so dry so it’s great to add that extra layer of moisture onto the skin.

Next I come to the lip stains that took me a good twenty minutes to mull over colours. I love lipsticks and would happily wear something bright every day, but I’m a lazy girl at heart so red is usually out for me because I can’t be bothered checking and reapplying and basically faffing. But the Sephora Cream Lip Stains are insanely long lasting and so right up my lazy street. I went for a matte red, the 01 Always Red, which I’m pairing with a Mac Redd Lip Liner. It lasts for what feels like forever. I’ve eaten burgers in this red, gone out for a night drinking and all with the barest minimal effort put into top up. It’s pretty easy to forget about and, therefore, my favourite thing in the world right now.

I also bought 03 Strawberry Kissed, a matte pink that is bordering on the red side of pinks. It’s a strong almost florescent pink that makes me dream of warmer weather. Here it’s paired with Kiko Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner in 312 Fuchsia.

The lip stains are quite watery as you apply them, clumsy as I am it goes better when a lip pencil is involved. I need to get hold of a bright pink to go alongside the Strawberry Kissed Lip Stain and then I’ll be ready for spring. But it dries almost instantly and your pretty much good to go in under a minute.

They are both matte lip stains, so to say they are drying is an understandable. I do try to make sure my lips are well moisturised and scrubbed before using these, it helps them stay on longer and not flake off. Also taking the lip stains off is a job for a heavy duty make up remover, namely oil cleansers. I’ve tried micellar waters and there’s always the slightest stain left but The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil took it off completely for me.


Finally as I was already feeling spendy I made a little trip into Madina. A small Italian makeup brand that has a gorgeous cream highlighter stick, that has quietly been on the beauty scene for years. But isn’t really talked about, mainly because it’s not so easy to get hold of. It’s a highlighting stick that Pat McGrath has sworn by and would annually pick up when she was in town. The Madina Chic & Shine Highlighter is a pale champagne colour that comes out as a subtle shimmer that gives the face a soft focus glow rather than all out strobe glow. Its a great product for giving the face a glow from within, it’s so easy to swipe it on and blend it in with your fingers.

Annoyingly, like I said before, it’s only available in Italy. And on top of that there are only three stores in Italy. It’s online and ships worldwide, but the site is only in Italian. Which is frustrating, but well worth it.

Now that Christmas is over and we are well into the new year. The days of wearing dark berry lipsticks are coming to an end, to be replaced by the brighter pinks and corals of summer. Don’t get me wrong I still mix it up a little sometimes, but there’s something about the winter months that has me reaching for darker more sultry shades. And there is nothing more sumptuous and wintery than pulling out the colour Black Orchid by Tom Ford.

Maybe it’s the stark contrast against pale skin, or the warm wine like colour that hovers between purple and red. It’s the kind of shade that turns a simple make up look into something much stronger. It’s a glossy lip colour that I tend to blot a few times with tissue to give it more staying power. Putting a dark liner underneath is essential, I’m wearing the Sephora Lip Liner To Go in 05 Deep Aubergine. The lipstick is discontinued, but the colours Black Dahlia and Bruised Plum are great dupes.

Do you have a favourite dark lipstick? Have you tried any Tom Ford lipsticks? Which is your favourite?