The month I’ve been reaching for creamy, glow inducing products. Spring is in the air and my powders have been long forgotten. Once spring rolls around, my excitement towards summer gets to crazy levels and the bronzer comes out and all my cream products are happily at the forefront of my makeup bag ready to make me look like a sun kissed lady.

    Mac Strobe Creme

To start, underneath it all I want to look lit from within and now my hourglass ambient lighting edit (see the post I did one it here) has been stored away it has been replaced with the MAC Strobe Cream . Slightly different products but same glowing effect. I mix this in with my primer and tend to just go for it, putting it all over my face but I do concentrate more into the top of my cheekbones. It luminous underneath foundation and gives a healthy glow.

    Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

To further the glow, I’ve got the Bourjois healthy mix foundation. I’ve got two hugely different colours, but I just mix them to my colour. Between all my different bronzing stages, thanks fake tan I thought I’d just get my darkest shade Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation in Light Bronze which I can lighten up to my lightest shade Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Light Vanilla which is a perfect match for my pale winter skin. I love this foundation, it’s medium coverage with a dewy finish.

    W3ll People Bronzer Stick

Bronzer sticks are what I adore in summer. I can’t stand powders on my face once the weather starts warming up. I use W3ll People Bio Bronzer to contour and bronze, creating an inverted 3 on either side of my face and then outlining my forehead and neckline before buffing it in with either a contour brush or my fingers. This cream stick from W3ll people is matte, and warm but not orange. It comes in one shade and is shade adaptive formula, meaning it’s one size fits all. It looks insanely strong when it comes out on the stick but blends down to add the right amount of sun kissed bronzy goodness to the face.

    Barry M Make Me Blush Cream Stick

And finally to get that windswept flush, my newest favorite and makeup bag staple, the Barry M Make Me Blush Cream Stick in Peach Melba. Again with the cream sticks, this is way more subtle than the bronze stick. I swirl a little onto the apple of my cheek and blend it out with my fingers. It’s pretty, subtle and a gorgeously soft pink. I wrote a post full post on it here.

What’s a staple in your makeup bag? What one product have you been using non stop this month?


I’m back in Milan for a week as we move into our new apartment which is literally being built up around us. Suffice to say, the unboxing is slow. My beauty has been basic, but I did bring with me a handful of skincare items. My thinking was to bring in some heavy duty face care to look after my poor dusty face at the end of the day. And that led to the already paired so no thought on my part, Le Jour and La Nuit by Chanel.
These are two serums to be used alongside one another. I actually bought them as a set with le weekend, which I wrote about in a post along with the rest of my Chanel skincare routine here. I have a slight Chanel problem. Let’s move on.


    Le Jour

To be used as a day serum, it’s light gel texture that sinks quickly into the skin. Some of its main ingredients are jasmine flowers which are suppose to energize and make the skin adaptive to whatever situation you put yourself in throughout the day. There’s also some salicylic acid in there to gently exfoliate, because of this I always follow up with a moisturizer otherwise my dry skin can’t cope. It can be extremely drying on its own.

    La Nuit

The counterpart to le jour is its evening partner la nuit, which is a heavier cream serum that my dry skin adores. It contains frankincense to calm any redness or irritation, which with the builders drilling holes around me means I’m constantly on the verge of sneezing and very grubby by the end of the day. Alongside the frankincense is hydruronic acids which makes sure my skin is getting all the moisture it needs over night, ready for the cycle to begin again tomorrow.

With these two products working in tandem my face seems much clearer than it was before I started using them. I’m not sure if one is working more than the other, but my skin looks brighter and far less red which is going some for me especially while all my allergies are flaring up. Dust allergies are slowly killing me, my eyes are watering and my throat is destroyed but my skin is glowing and fabulous.

Do you use any Chanel skincare? What’s your favorite?


This was the first perfume ever given to me from a boy. It was late teens when it happened and I was so impressed with being given perfume, I remember it making me feel grown up and very womanly. It was Marc Jacobs Rain and I received it as a going away gift as I was going on a trip to model in Paris for the first time. It was a huge occasion for me and so every time I spray the scent it reminds me of summers in Paris, the heat, the streets and old beautiful houses that I stayed in while I was there. The smell is supposed to encapsulate a summer rain shower with wet grass, refreshing and warm. And something tropical that smells almost like sweet fruits, it a soft inviting way.

I’ve had this for over 5 years but I fell out of love with it for a long time and it sat in the back of my closet back home at my mums collecting dust. Until one day I started using it again and hefted it back to Milan with me. The whole series of these fragrances were discontinued in favour of the newer perfumes but the tropical collection came back and you can now purchase small bottles of Rain. Perfectly travel sized which is a blessing for trips but heartbreaking knowing there may never be a huge beautiful bottle of summer sitting on my dresser again once this bottle is all used up.