New Beauty Additions

Natural Beauty Editions

Milk Makeup Primer Blur Stick, Fenty Beauty Universal Gloss Bomb, IT cosmetics CC cream, MAC Paint Pot in Layin Low, Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow, Milani Foundation, Milani Blush in Luminous, IGK Jet Lag Invisible Dry Shampoo.

There are several new editions into the old makeup routine, most of which came from my quick trip over the pond in late September that landed me in Sephora and CVS. A full rundown of my current makeup will turn up sooner or later, probably after I finally make a Glossier order. But for now, here’s whats new and on my face.

I went a bit crazy on the old base layers here. I’m always searching for a perfect base, especially primers. I can never find exactly what I’m looking for. I have two here that are at complete opposite ends of the priming spectrum. I firstly picked up the Milk Makeup Primer Blur Stick because it looked cool. Then when I got home I realised it’s a matte primer that feels like your using a dried up glue stick, super weird. As you swipe it feels like no product is coming off, but it does leave an almost imperceptible base that reduces pores and lines and smooths out the skin. It’s definitely the primer I reach for if I’m going to auditions or taking pictures because it helps create a flawless skin finish. So overall very happy with the impulse purchase.

Then I got a mini version of the Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow, this is just a mini-sized version of the product but it’ll soon be used up and bought in the proper sized tube. It’s a tinted primer that gives some seriously good glow and has a pearlescent sheen to it that helps create a blurred out but also dewy finish. This primer is also hydrating with hyaluronic acid which is a winner for this dry skinned lady. I have been wearing this on its own with a little concealer under the eyes, it’s a bloody wonderful no makeup product.

Natural Beauty Editions

Foundation wise I picked up another Milani’s 2 in 1 Conceal and Perfect Foundation + Concealer, which I have in my summer shade but I picked up 02 Natural which still runs a little warm on me but it’s perfect when I’m keeping up on my tan. This has to be my favourite high street foundation. You can only buy Milani at beautybay in the UK but its available in drugstores in the US(I got mine at CVS). It’s well worth looking into, it’s a high coverage foundation where a little goes a long way. I barely need one pump and my face is covered and although its high coverage it is a more dewy textured foundation. I never use this as a concealer like it claims it is but the coverage is definitely there to add and layer onto.

Another high coverage but even more on the dewy glowing scale of base products is the IT Cosmetics CC cream in Light. This is the dream product, I listened to the hype, I ignored the hype for such a long time and now finally getting a mini tube at Sephora I now see what all the damn fuss was about. I’ve also just ordered the full size as I’ve used the mini tube practically every day. This blendable lightweight cc cream has the application of foundation but the feel of skincare. This is again high coverage but it’s not as thick as the Milani foundation, it comes out more like a CC cream so I use a lot more product but the finish is very natural. This is the kind of product you can use in all situations, its quick to use and easy to spread, I’ve applied with fingers, brushes and beauty blender, it works every way. It really does feel as though nothing is on the skin and works incredibly with the Wonderglow primer creating ultimate dewy, fresh looking skin. Oh, and it has an SPF 50 thrown in there for good measure. Overal this past month I’ve been a happy little clam with all my foundation and primers finally working in harmony on my face. I finally feel like I’ve got some permanent favourites.

Now onto the fun, colourful stuff. I realise now looking at all the items I’ve picked up that I’ve somehow managed to stay in the neutral crossing just over to the pink colour range but its still colour! Case in point, MAC paint pot in Layin Low. A warm toned natural beige that is a few shades darker than my natural lids which end up giving just enough definition and depth. It dries down from a gel-like texture to a matte colour that will not budge. A brilliant primer for the eyes if you want to add more but I’ve been leaving it as it is, applying it with a beauty blender to get a thin wash of the colour all over my lids.

A last minute throw in the basket whim was this Milani Baked Blush in the colour Luminoso. A peach-toned baked blush which is a colour of blush I’ve never had before and I love baked blushes so in the basket it went. This blush is incredibly pigmented and I literally dab my brush on top lightly and that gets a perfect amount for a soft warm peachy flush that blends out beautifully.

Another random buy was the IGK Jet Lag Invisible Dry Shampoo, I needed some dry shampoo and I was drawn in by the pretty pink packaging. This stuff is magical and makes me super sad that it’s not available in the UK. Its a really lightweight invisible dry shampoo that adds volume as well as keeping my hair fresh. The only bad thing about it is I bought it in the mini size when I should have gone in for the full sized version.

And lastly, what has to be the favourite of the bunch. I was lingering over the Fenty stand in Sephora, I got colour matched to the foundation but I didn’t quite like the almost powder matte finish of it so the sales assistant said I should just try out the lip gloss because she hadn’t seen anyone it didn’t look good on yet. A universal coloured lip gloss, in the colour Fenty glow. The Fenty Beauty Universal Gloss Bomb is a bit of a weird colour to pin down because of the glitter in it. Its a nude tone with a hint of peach or pink, I can’t quite decide. Don’t be put off by the glitter, it doesn’t transfer onto the lips a sparkly glitter ball, it comes out more like a high shine gloss. It’s not overly sticky and fully loaded with shea butter for moisturised lips. Its fantastic on its own but with lip pencils underneath it changes up the gloss, bringing out different colours of the glitter. It’s so versatile, it basically lives in my bag as my go-to product.

Natural Beauty Editions