Four For The Glow

Four For The Glow |

I’ve always loved glowing, healthy looking skin, maybe because without tender loving care my skin resembles parchment so I crave the hydration. As summer swings around and it gets too hot to wear a full face of makeup, I still want to look fresh and bronzed. I always want to look at least a little tanned this time of year surrounded by Italians who stand in the shade all day and miraculously still change colour. I have to work out a few tricks to keep up.

Four For The Glow |
It all starts with the little serum that could. The By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum is what golden glows are made of. This has colour control technology hence the CC. It reduces the appearance of redness, masking it with a healthy glow which thrills me because I’m always trying to cover up my easy to blush, milky white skin. Along these same lines whenever I have bad skin and my skin is a bit red from the blemishes this serum covers the marks up no problem, leaving a more even complexion. I get a lovely natural glow from this serum and because its skincare and not makeup, I wear this a lot to gym and pilates classes.

This is the darkest shade you can get from the CC Serum, 04 Sunny Flash and its all but sold out. When I bought this I got it on back order and you may need to do the same but its worth the wait let me tell you. And maybe buy in bulk, I will be next time!

BY TERRY Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum, Oskia Restoration Oil*, La Roche-Posay Hydreane BB Cream + L’oreal Glam Bronze Cushion Soleil Bronzer

Once applied I add some dewy hydration with Oskia’s Restoration Oil, I use one or two drops of oil patted (not rubbed) into my skin, from the palm of my hands. Beneath makeup its a dream on my dry skin, it leaves everything more hydrated, make up is less prone to creasing and dry patches are no existent and added bonus, it gives a subtle natural dewy complexion.

The La Roche-Posay Hydreane BB Cream is for all intents and purpose a tinted moisturiser. I’ve got it here in the Medium shade, sadly there isn’t much choice when it comes to this product, there’s a light or medium shade. The medium works perfectly for me with a little bit of a tan. A huge plus with this BB cream is that a little goes a long way, you barely need any product. Its a light weight and low coverage but I don’t want more than that from a BB creme. It offers very little in terms of covering blemishes but does wonders evening out skin tone. I tend to flush and have pink toned skin so this works on covering that and giving a good glow and boy does the BB cream offer some glow. Its an incredibly dewy, glow inducing product that I use alone or more often than not alongside a more full coverage foundation to get the benefits of the sheer glowy wonder.

And what glowing bronzed look would be complete without a bronzer? And since its summer I steer away from powder products and go towards cream instead. The L’oreal Glam Bronze Cushion Di Soliel is brilliant for bronzing all over. Using a cushion bronzer is so simple and lightweight, I apply it with a beauty blnder and bounce it along my cheek bones and temples and also more lightly around the edges of my jaw and hair line. The texture is so creamy and light that it easy to build and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. A great alternative to powders and again as its cream its adding to the glow.

Four For The Glow |

If you want to watch a video with me using these products and more to create a glowing natural makeup look, watch the makeup tutorial below.